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Roots music is the future

Derajah is a Jamaican reggae artist who started his career with Sugar Minott in 2002 and later partnered with Earl 'Chinna' Smith to produce his signature song "Who Yeah Yah". With his debut album "Paris Is Burning" in 2011, Derajah incorporated French and Jamaican musicians to his music. He draws inspiration from his life experiences to create music that reflects on life, society, and spirituality. Derajah's versatility is evident in his latest releases such as "Hit Me", "Space & Time", and "Mama" which are far from reggae. Currently, his latest song "ASADENAKI" is gaining popularity worldwide.

Derajah, a prominent figure in the reggae music scene, recently sat down with Mashup Reggae to discuss everything reggae. With his authentic and versatile sound, Derajah has gained a global following and continues to inspire audiences with his reflections on life, spirituality, and personal growth.

Q) What first inspired you to pursue a career in music?


Derajah: "I started working as a youth creating beats in school, reggae music is from my country Jamaica and the inspiration to write songs take a toll on me from a tender age naturally while I was going to high school, but Roots music was always the vibe I felt more. based on the frequency at which it vibrates at".

Q) As a reggae artist, you have the power to reach and influence people around the world. How do you see your music contributing to larger conversations about social justice, human rights, and global unity?


Derajah: "Well, we are all in this together. Of course, my music speaks volumes not just to persons in my community, but on an international level. So, I know I have a big responsibility, and I also stand accountable. But, I just want to see it's a big conversation we are having, and everyone plays a part in this, I am sure."

Q) How would you describe your style of reggae music, and how has it evolved over time?

Derajah: "So, I am a Chanter. I started as a DJ, but as time goes by, I realized that it becomes more melodious with a lot of notes interchanging throughout my expression. A more creative approach was added to the art form as I grew."

Q)  What has been your biggest challenge as a reggae artist, and how did you overcome it?


Derajah: "Well, one of my biggest challenges was getting my songs in rotation, meaning getting the music out to the people. Today, I just make music and release it, and surprisingly the problem doesn't exist anymore because people are finding the songs. And, for sure, my music is a seed planted, so I know they will grow on people."

Q) Can you share any upcoming projects or collabs that you have in the works, and what can fans expect from you in the future?


Derajah:  "We just did the new Inna De Yard album, and it's amazing. So, I am telling people to look out for this new record. A few guests artists will appear on the record, and the new songs are just beautiful. I would advise everyone to get a copy of this. I cannot speak too much about what is in store, because I am not in charge of my life. The most I can do is follow orders and trust that God will make sure that my path and directions are ordered. Musically, just continue to look out for new music and videos, as my solo music mission is my focus at the moment."

Q) Can you tell us about a particularly memorable moment or performance in your career?


Derajah:  "I've had so many beautiful moments in music, but touring with Inna De Yard and singing that final song of any show, having all the musicians and artists on stage holding hands and saluting the audience, is always something I treasure because of that feeling of togetherness."

Q) What hobby or interests do you pursue outside of music, and how did you become interested in them?

Derajah: "I love cooking, and if I am in Jamaica for 365 days of the year, I would give 65 days of the year cooking to my wife and 300 days to myself. I am a food lover, and I love food preparation. Creative cooking is my passion, and I like to try unorthodox combinations. I also love coding and music engineering."

Q) Finally, what message would you like to share with your fans and listeners? both in Jamaica and around the world, about the power and potential of reggae music to inspire change and a better world for all?

Derajah:  "I just want to see you continue to hold on to your roots. Roots music is the future. The last shall be the first, and the first shall be the last, so choose wisely and stay focused. I again want to say thank you very much for the support that everyone and anyone have given to me over the years. I couldn't do this without you. My handle on YouTube is Derajah music. Follow, like, comment, share, and subscribe to the channel for updates on more releases. Love to the highest, and thanks again."


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