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Belief in oneself is very important.

Jamaican artist Jahbradez, known for his heartical and authentic reggae sound, is set to release his second single "Searching" following the success of his debut track "Kingston (Remix)". With a transition from drummer-songwriter to singer-songwriter, Jahbradez is turning a new page in his musical career and establishing himself as a rising talent from Falmouth, Jamaica.

Mashup Reggae had the pleasure of asking Jahbradez a few questions about his journey in reggae and what we can expect in the near future.

Q) Last year you released your debut single "Kingston (Remix)" - can you tell us about the inspiration behind it?


Jahbradez: "Kingston 'Remix' was actually the idea of a good friend of mine, musician/producer of the remix, Peter 'Kongz' Sameru. We had been working on some music together before that idea came up. Being a member of the group 'Pentateuch' that did the original, we decided to use the remix as an ice breaker for my first release."

Q) Can you tell us about your creative process and how you approach writing and recording your music?


Jahbradez: "I would say the songwriting process varies at times. Sometimes the melodic idea comes first and then I run it by a few friends who I bounce writing ideas with. Then, we create music for lyrics afterwards. Other times, I may have a track to write to, and ideas come at different moments - it could be while I'm walking, driving or sitting."

Q) What's next for you in your music career, and what can fans expect from you in the coming months?


Jahbradez: "I am excited to announce the release of my first original song, titled 'Searching', which will be released on March 24th. This song is the first of many to come, as it is part of an EP that we are putting together."

Q)  In addition to your solo work, you have also been a member of various bands and groups - can you tell us about the differences between working as a solo artist versus working in a group?


Jahbradez: "I spent many years as a member of a group called 'Pentateuch', where I discovered many things about myself musically. We released an album called 'The Genesis' during that time. Additionally, I have worked with various Jamaican and international artists as a drummer. However, I eventually decided to release my own original music. Being in a group or band is a great feeling, working with my musical brothers, even now as a solo artist, it is still a group effort from my musical brothers such as Oliver 'Bliva' Thompson, Evan Mason, and Peter 'Kongz' Samaru, to name a few. It is just magic."

Q) You have been involved in music for many years - how has your approach to music evolved over time, and how do you see yourself continuing to evolve and grow as an artist in the future?


Jahbradez:  I think my approach is a bit better, with room for improvement always. From the perspective of a song writer/musician, having the right gears. For sure, learning from my peers and elders before that made it possible for us. 

Q) You have performed at a number of festivals and events throughout your career - can you share a particularly memorable festival or event that stood out to you?


Jahbradez:  Kinda hard lol. I would say, when Pentateuch went on tour the first time, one of the festivals we did. Germany 2013, Chiemsee Reggae Festival, while doing a interview in our greenroom with "Wah Gwaan Munchy" it was like a rain storm happening out there lol, we were sure that our performance might not happen because of the storm. Little did we know that the festival is use to that kinda weather during the season. When we arrived at this huge tent we were going to perform under, it was packed with so many people waiting to hear us play some roots reggae music. We rocked it and they loved it. That showed us not even a rain storm could stop people from enjoy the music and good vibes.

Q) What advice would you give to upcoming artists, and what qualities do you believe are essential for success in the music industry?


Jahbradez: "Belief in oneself is very important. Know what you're about and stay true to it, and be consistent. Professionalism is also crucial, and try to be easy to collaborate with in terms of how you operate and create. Having good people around you is also very important."

Q) Can you share any personal stories or experiences that highlight the significance of roots reggae music in your life or career?

Jahbradez:  "Seeing and hearing the positive response to our original music from a cultural roots reggae perspective is very rewarding. I remember a particular experience when we went to the Netherlands to play at a rock festival. Protoje was also playing at the same festival, but the day after us on the main stage. We were scheduled to play in a tent, and during soundcheck, nobody was under the tent, so we thought it would be empty during our set. However, as we started to soundcheck, people started coming from nowhere, and by the time we started our set, the tent was packed. The energy was right, and the response was amazing. We were thankful for the turnout, but even if there were only five people in the audience, we would still give it our all and rock it with roots music Pentateuch style."

Q)  Any final thoughts or messages for your fans or listeners?


Jahbradez:  "Go after the impossible. Don't look back and say 'if I had known, I would have tried this or that.' Instead, go at it with a mentality of overcoming self-defeat. I have a lot more original music to come this year in the roots reggae music style, and I am feeling excited and optimistic about it."

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