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Mashup Exclusive Interview with

May they be messages of love, peace or rebellion.

Beatmaker, bassist and producer specialized in digital Reggae, Manudigital is involved in music for over 15 years now. Also a composer, he participates in the recording of many international and French albums or singles, thanks to his great skills. Manudigital has collaborated with a bunch of artists such as Alborosie, Beenie Man, Bounty Killer...

Mashup Reggae had the pleasure of asking Manudigital a few questions about his journey into the sound and passion that drives him to continue to push boundaries with his new release "Bass Attack".

Q) Who was your favorite artist to work with?


Manudigital: With Lt Stitchie! For his energy and creativity! Always bluffing tunes after tunes.

Q) Which artist haven't you worked with that one day you would like to?


Manudigital:  With a lot of ! I would love working for Buju Banton, Super Cat, Beres Hammond .... The list is long.

Q) Can you remember the first reggae song you ever heard?


Manudigital: It seems to me that the first reggae song I heard was Bob Marley - « Zimbabew » on the vinyl that my father had at home!

Q) Favorite reggae album?


Manudigital: From far it's Bob Marley Catch Fire, a big classic that everyone should hear !!

Q) How did you go about getting your first artist collab?


Manudigital:  My first collab with an artist (singer) I do not remember very well but it seems to me that it was with an artist close to me, a friend, very simple shot to make .... I first started working with close friends before working with famous artists. 

Q) Who are the artists that you are listening to now?


Manudigital:   I really like listening to quite modern stuff like Major Lazer, Dj Snake ... or reggae artist I like Protoje, Chronixx, Alborosie .... All this wave there of cool artist from today.

Q) Where do you draw your inspiration from?


Manudigital:   I do not know, I listened a lot of reggae from 80’s 90’s, it inspired me a lot and I also listen to a lot of recent artists. So I make a mix of all this with my vision of European ...

Q) If someone who has never heard reggae music before asked to hear a sample - what song would you play and why?


Manudigital:   Like Bob Marley - One love, because the message is universal.

Q) Do you enjoy writing or performing better?


Manudigital:  I like produce but when I only do that, I want to go on show and same when I do only shows, I want so bad produce.

Q) What was the last performance you attended as a fan?


Manudigital:  I’ve seen DJ snake in concert at the beginning of the year and it was absolutely huge! It was very well run and a crazy atmosphere!

Q) Outside of music, do you have any other talents or hobbies?


Manudigital:  One of my passions apart of music is fishing! I quite like fishing during holidays or weekends when I'm not in concert. It is a quiet and nice sport to reconnect with nature and relax!

Q) Favorite memory thus far?


Manudigital:  One of my best memories was two years ago when I was invited by Machel Monday to Trinidad and Tobago to back two artists that I love: Bounty Killer and Beenie Man! It was incredible. A crazy atmosphere and there were a lot of people! You can check the video on Youtube!

Q)  "The best thing about reggae music is…. »


Manudigital:  The best thing about reggae music is meet people and who share the same vibes for music. And also music allowed to transmit important messages : may they be messages of love, peace or rebellion.

Q) Who is the one artist that you haven't seen perform yet, that you would like to?


Manudigital:  So many.. But I really like Michael Jackson. It was a genius of music. I love his music and he was a precursor in his style. He died too young, it's so a shame. 

Artist/ Manudigital


Manudigital creates many concepts such as the 'Digital Session' where he is
surrounded by French and international artists such as Pupajim, Elephant Man or Queen Omega. His various web series are shared on social networks around the world and meet an ever wider audience.


In 2016, Manudigital released its first solo album "Digital Pixel" and toured
for more than 150 gigs across more than 25 countries between 2016 and

Manudigital is back today with the release of its second album "Bass Attack" scheduled for October 05, 2018! Always making Reggae digital its
signature, Manudigital delivers with Bass Attack an album cut for the live in
which he does not hesitate to explore new styles between dub and bass


There are explosive collaborations with veteran MCs such as General Degree, Red Fox, or Junior Cat, the inevitable Skarra Mucci, Solo Banton, Soom T and Cali P, the French Taiwan MC and Panda Dub or the English drum & bass pioneer, Ed Solo. Manudigital, the unstoppable beatmaker, hits hard with this new album "Bass Attack" which is already announced as one of the reggae events of this fall!

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