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Kabaka Pyramid | Artist Feature

You can listen to Kabaka Pyramid on Mashup Reggae Radio or right on Spotify!

This conscious revolutionary lyricist emerged on the reggae music scene in 2011 with the "Rebel Music" EP where his Hip Hop and Dancehall influences were clearly identifiable. Known for his hard hitting lyrics that tackle the socio-economic system of modern times, he went on to collaborate with producers like Chimney Records on songs like "No Capitalist" and hit song "Mi Alright" featuring Chronixx, Dj Frass with "Never Gonna be a Slave" and Equiknoxx Music's "King Kabaka."

Kabaka Pyramid went on to release the "Lead The Way" compilation in 2013 that hit the Reggae Billboard top 10. He then connected with Damian "Jr Gong" Marley in 2015 with the hit single "Well Done," produced by the multi-grammy winner, that paved the way for the 2 artists to collaborate on Kabaka's debut Album titled "Kontraband" slated to be released in 2018

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