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Yaadcore | Artist Feature

You can listen to Yaadcore on Mashup Reggae Radio or right on Spotify!

More and more youths, seeking to connect with their cultural roots, invariably come across particular names in the field of music. No doubt they eventually stumble upon Yaadcore. As his name suggests, he is at the center of Jamaica’s Reggae Revival.

Q) What are your musical influences?

Yaadcore: "My musical influences are every day life and musicians that are here today as well as the ones that are passed and gone."

Q) When did you first decide you wanted to DJ?

Yaadcore:  "I first decided to DJ when I was 14 years old in 2003."

Q) Tell us how the connection with Delicious Vinyl came about?

Yaadcore:  "The Delicious Vinyl connection came about through my manager, who is also a partner in that record label so it just worked out, you done know."

Q) Any projects currently in the works you can share with us?

Yaadcore:  "Definitely we have some stuff in the pipeline as it relates to my productions and mixtape vibes. There's not much I can share at the moment but I'd urge the people to stay connected for what we have in store."

Q)  What inspired 'No Fenke Fenke'?

Yaadcore:  "No Fenke Fenke was inspired mystically. No Fenke Fenke means nothing lame, low quality or boring so when the artist Shanique Marie was vibing the whole No Fenke Fenke thing, we were all feeling the vibes so we worked with it."

Q)   How is reggae captured in todays youth; And how do you see it continuing to develop for the future?

Yaadcore:   "Reggae music is captured in today's youth, like everything else there's a balance. So for everything that's out there you know the youths will definitely absorb the vibration so what we really have to do is push it out there more, and expose the youths to this kind of vibration, cause you know it's really exposure that makes the youths understand and feel the vibes, that is definitely one way we can instill it in the future, by putting it in more places and keeping it relevant and upful. you know?"


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